• “I am very pleased to endorse Dr. Judith Hilton for the Greenwood Village City Council. Judy is a long time resident with a passion for improving the city and helping its residents. Her significant management experience in the Cherry Creek School District working to improve the schools, build leaders and support students will bring a new level of experience to our City Council. She has demonstrated a willingness to listen to and work with residents. Dr. Hilton will represent District 4 with compassion and distinction. I encourage you to vote for Judy Hilton for City Council.”

               –George Lantz, Greenwood Village City Councilman, District 3, 2015-present

  • “The quality of our school district is essential to keeping Greenwood Village such an attractive place to live and work.  Dr. Judith Hilton is an expert in Education and School Administration, and would bring a much welcomed dimension to City Council’s planning process. I would be honored to work with Dr. Hilton to craft a vision for our City that makes top-ranked education a must. I encourage District 4 residents to cast their vote for Dr. Judith Hilton.

               –Steve Moran, Greenwood Village City Councilman, District 3, 2015-present

  • “I have known Judy Hilton for almost three decades and know firsthand her outstanding character, integrity and love for her community. My late husband, Hon. John W. Buckner, worked closely with Judy while both were educators in the Cherry Creek Schools and he admired her outstanding leadership and ability to bring people together with her inter-personal people skills.  These skills will produce the kind of progressive vision to make Greenwood Village an exemplary place to live, work and play. I proudly endorse Judy Hilton for Greenwood Village City Council, District 4.”  

               –Colorado State Representative Janet Buckner, House District 40, 2015-present

  • “Every once in a while, there emerges someone who is exceptionally qualified for serving our Village. Judy Hilton is that person! I have known Judy since 2003, and have been impressed with her from the very start. She and her husband have lived in Greenwood Village since 1976. Her work history includes being the principal of several schools and having served as an administrator in the Cherry Creek School District. She has outstanding management skills. She has manifested exceptional awareness of major issues in our city to include density, traffic and overall quality of life for our citizens. She has been quite articulate in expressing her positions in these areas.   Dr. Hilton is someone who inspires confidence. She has an excellent, realistic vision for our city and is prepared to serve our community with distinction. I most heartily endorse her for city council. Please vote for her.

               –Charlie Hazlehurst, Greenwood Village City Councilman and Mayor Pro Tem 

  • It is exciting to have a resident of Judy Hilton’s experience and quality run for City Council. Living in the Village for over 40 years, and having raised a family in Greenwood Village, she has experienced firsthand the many changes, both good and bad, that make Greenwood Village what it is today. Judy understands the issues and has a demonstrated ability to work cooperatively with others. She has held respected leadership positions in civic organizations as well as in the Cherry Creek School District. Judy Hilton will represent the residents of Greenwood Village with integrity and dedication to the values that make Greenwood Village such a special place to live, work and raise a family. Citizens are fortunate to have such a respected and dedicated member of our community willing to give her time to serve Greenwood Village residents on the City Council. I enthusiastically support her candidacy.

               –Bette Todd, Greenwood Village City Councilwoman 2007-2015

  • “As a member of the Greenwood Village community for over 40 years, Dr. Judith Hilton has experienced the myriad of changes in our community. She and her husband have raised children here and currently have grandchildren attending our schools and participating in Village activities. She has lived with the issues of increased traffic congestion, development of vacant land, and the growth of entities all around us. She is committed to saving the character of the Village, so it doesn’t become just another bland exit off the highway. She will listen to the residents! VOTE Judith Hilton for Greenwood City Council District 4.

               –Dr. Kathleen D. Smith, Principal, Cherry Creek High School, 1993-2009

  • “I have known Judy Hilton and her family for the entire 41 + years they have lived in Greenwood Village.  She has her hand firmly on the critical issues facing our Village.  Unlike our present District 4 City Council members, she understands what the residents want.  Judy fought tirelessly to defeat the recent Orchard Station Subarea proposed Comprehensive Plan amendment, just as District 4 neighbors desired.  I heartily support her for a District 4 seat on the Greenwood Village City Council.

               –C. Deen Buttorff, President, Autumn Hills Homeowners Association

  • “The Save Our Village Action Committee values Dr. Hilton’s dedication to the citizens of Greenwood Village as evidenced by your commitment to the Vote No campaign this past June which validated the desires of the citizens of Greenwood Village, and especially in District 4. We believe that your past service in our Cherry Creek School District is further proof that you will be an outstanding Council Member for your community.”

               –Save Our Village Vote No Action Committee

  • “I happily and wholeheartedly endorse Judy Hilton for Greenwood Village City Council.  Her commitment to our community can be clearly seen in her years of service to our public schools and in her involvement and engagement as a private citizen.  I trust her to know and represent her fellow Villagers’ voices.

               –Melissa Scully, Former Belleview Elementary School PTCO President and community activist

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