Ultimately, it is trust that serves as the catalyst, an enabler for the volition of employees and citizens to achieve success through expressing itself in the united pursuit of a common cause.

I believe that we must do the following four things to restore trust and faith in leadership on the Greenwood Village City Council, and I have the skills and character to:

1. Be clear about the vision and expectations. No one will follow a leader unless you clearly articulate your vision for the future, how you will get there, what is expected from whom, and how we will manage for results, including accountability.

2. Lead through example. If you can’t live by your principles, no one else will either.

3. Be honest and straightforward. Respect the intelligence of your constituencies enough to tell them the truth. Your constituents will not take you at face value, so you must demonstrate courage through honesty. If you do this, when you ask them to meet your expectations they will have a clear understanding of the challenges and join you in your quest to overcome them.

4. Deliver results. If you can’t bring results to fruition, you’ve lost not only the battle, but the war, as well. No amount of clarity, leadership through example, or honesty will be enough.

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